Moms adapt . . . it’s what we do best.  TRAIN LIKE A MOTHER™ is here to renew your mind, body and soul connection during this time of uncertainty.  Whether with the kids, or MAMA’S OFF THE GRID – we have a spot sculpting, heart racing workout just for you.  Learn how to get MORE out of 8 minutes than any popular 45 minute class.  Discover the science to getting MORE out of ONE 8Method™ rep than dozens of mindless, momentum based reps.  Escape with me as we train in some of my favorite locations around the globe.

FLEX LIKE A MOTHER™ CHALLENGE is the ultimate CARDIO FLEX™ workout.  Learn how to sky rocket your heart rate AND sculpt in exact spots in minimal time.  Perfect for the forward thinking, cardio addict – we have your FIX.

Whether on a fun vacation or juggling life at home – TRAIN LIKE A MOTHER™ workouts will bring maximum results in minimal time.  Gorgeous locations around the globe, 8 days a week.  Injured?  8Method™ to the rescue!  The 8Method™ is with you WHEREVER YOU GO . . . even in the kitchen!