MOMS ARE BUSIER THAN EVER with NO TIME to waste! FLEX LIKE A MOTHER™ was created for the time crunched mom seeking MAXIMUM RESULTS in MINIMAL TIME. We can’t wait to show you how to get MORE out of ONE REP vs DOZENS as we walk you step-by-step through Danny’s REVOLUTIONARY SPOT SCULPTING, HEART RACING circuits. OUR GUARANTEE – YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT ONE REP THE SAME WAY AGAIN!

We ALL have been brainwashed over the decades to believe MORE is MORE.  As a former All-American triathlete (+ prior cardio addict!) – I too believed it was more miles, reps, weight and MORE TIME.  I was voted Texas Coach of the Year by Competitor Magazine and coached HUNDREDS of athletes with that exact mind-set.  It wasn’t until I tore my calf racing my husband up Vail Mountain that I needed a new workout, without traditional ‘cardio.’  That’s when I met Danny, the creator of the 8METHOD™.  He got me in WAY BETTER shape than my Ironman days with ZERO TRADITIONAL CARDIO and I can’t wait to share EVERY TIP + TRICK WITH YOU! Kids or no kids we’ve got you covered 8 DAYS A WEEK for only $28.88/month!

‘ I personally don’t believe in supplements or the word ‘diet.’  This is NOT an 8 week, quick fix, fad based program that guarantees future fluctuation in weight, health and happiness.  This is a SUSTAINABLE, life changing methodology that transformed my life and I can’t wait to share it with you! ‘ _Stacy 💖

Meet our AMAZING 8METHOD™ SUPERMOM FOUNDERS, who will share their favorite moves from their own 8METHOD™ workout series as they FLEX LIKE A MOTHER™.

Whether dreaming of a fun vacation or juggling life at home – FLEX LIKE A MOTHER™ workouts will bring maximum results in minimal time.  Grab your 8METHOD™ passport while we visit gorgeous locations around the globe, 8 days a week.  Injured?  8METHOD™ to the rescue!  The 8METHOD™ is with you WHEREVER YOU GO . . . even in the kitchen!