From weekend warrior to ultra-marathoner, running is exhilarating, therapeutic and the ultimate you vs. you. The mental aspect of this sport is paramount and staying healthy is most important to this beautiful addiction.  8Method™ workouts are incredibly safe and efficient….results driven from start to finish.  Your fitness solution is here to take your running to highest level. Stacy, a former All American triathlete, Boston Marathon Finisher and Texas Coach of the Year, personally chose her favorite 2 move combos with the runner in mind.  Sign up for that next race with confidence as this program will get you across the finish line fitter than ever and injury freeWelcome to the pinnacle of muscle confusion. Learn how to make ONE 8Method™ rep superior to HUNDREDS of mindless reps as the 8Method™ brings mindfulness to new heights, ONE FLEX AT A TIME™.   The master of exercise physiologists brings fitness innovation directly to you wherever you are 8 days a week.