The triathlon investment involves so many variables and TIME is one of them.  No one has time to waste, and the main objective is getting to the starting line injury-free.  8Method™ workouts are safe and uber efficient, taking your swimming, biking and running to the highest level.  Stacy, a former All-American triathlete and Texas Coach of the Year, hand-selected her favorite 8Method™ triathlon-specific moves for this strategically crafted program.  These specialized 2 move combinations are for the performance-minded athlete who understands the need for maximum efficiency in minimal time.  

Welcome to the pinnacle of muscle confusion.  Learn how to make ONE 8Method™ rep superior to HUNDREDS of mindless, momentum reps.  ONE FLEX AT A TIME™ is the secret formula.   The master of all exercise physiologists brings fitness innovation through his step by step instruction directly to you wherever you are, 8 days a week.